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Pittsburgh Child Pornography Defense Attorney

There are few crimes that can destroy your career, reputation, and life faster than being charged with possession, distribution, or production of child pornography. But you may end up serving a prison sentence without even realizing that you have done something illegal.

As the Internet is becoming more accessible than ever before, it is no surprise that you can easily download or otherwise possess or distribute images or videos considered “child pornography” without even realizing it.

You open an email, click on some link in a text message, follow some underage boy or girl on Instagram, or download a file, and the next thing you know, the police come knocking on your door to arrest you for possession, distribution, or production of child pornography.

Unfortunately, this scenario is very likely given that the Internet is literally infested with various forms of child pornography, be it inappropriate images depicting a minor or videos of underage boys and girls engaging in any activity of a sexual nature.

If you have been arrested for “child pornography” in Pennsylvania, it may be confusing as to what comes next. Unless you want to put your career, reputation, and life on the line, you need to speak to a Pittsburgh child pornography defense attorney to prove your innocence to either reduce the severity of the penalties or avoid a criminal conviction altogether.

Pittsburgh Child Pornography Defense Attorney

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    What is considered ‘child pornography’ in Pennsylvania?

    Some you may be wondering what constitutes “child pornography” in Pennsylvania. In a nutshell, child pornography can be described as any visual depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in any activity of a sexual nature. Our experienced child pornography defense attorney in Pittsburgh at SMT Legal explains that you may face possession, distribution, or production of child pornography charges if you engage in any of the following:

    • Sending a sexually explicit image, video, or text message to a minor;
    • Encouraging an underage boy or girl to send you sexually explicit images, videos, or text messages;
    • Possession of photographs, videos, drawings, books, magazines and any other visual depiction of a minor engaging in any activity of a sexual nature or stimulating those acts;
    • Downloading sexually explicit materials depicting an underage boy or girl displaying lewd or erotic behavior;
    • Distributing or sending child pornography to other persons either through the Internet or in person;
    • Selling sexually explicit images and videos depicting minors under 18 years of age;
    • Production or manufacturing of any form of child pornography;
    • Interstate distribution of child pornography; and
    • Encouraging a minor to produce or participate in child pornography in exchange for money.

    Everything you need to know about child pornography charges in Pennsylvania

    As law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania and all across the nation are hell-bent on catching both consumers and manufacturers of child pornography, it often happens that innocent people get swept into the same corner with pedophiles and those who deliberately possess, distribute, produce, and sell child pornography.

    Bearing that in mind, we invited our Pittsburgh child pornography lawyer to highlight everything you need to know about Pennsylvania’s child pornography laws:

    • A first offense possession, distribution, or production of child pornography is charged as a felony of the third degree;
    • The next offense will be charged as a felony of the second degree;
    • You cannot use the “I thought the individual depicted in child pornography was over 18” argument as your defense;
    • You cannot use it as a defense if the minor claimed to be or represented himself or herself to be older;
    • Your employer, service provider, and even a laptop repair technician can report you to authorities if they find sexually explicit materials depicting children on your computer (this will not be considered a violation of your privacy); and
    • Selling or distributing child pornography is a felony offense in Pennsylvania and is graded depending on the specific circumstances of your case.
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    Do not hesitate to speak to our criminal defense attorneys at SMT Legal if you have been arrested on suspicion of or charged with child pornography in Pennsylvania. Get a free consultation by calling our lawyers at 412-765-3345.

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