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If it seems like pretty much everyone has a dog, that is because there are millions of them throughout the country. Think about how many dogs you see if you go for a walk around the neighborhood. We bet there is always someone out walking their pet. However, how often does the thought cross your mind that you might get hurt by a dog?

At SMT Legal, we know that dog bites are more common than most people realize and we want to help if you are injured. When you need a skilled dog attack attorney, turn to our trusted and qualified team for help.

Dogs Are Popular Pets

There is no denying that dogs are pretty much America’s best friend when it comes to pet ownership. In the US, there are around 90 million dogs with around half of all households having at least one. It may surprise you, but there are actually around 4.5 million instances of dogs biting people each year. While many of these dog bites are minor, according to the CDC, nearly 1 in 5 people bitten by a dog requires medical attention of varying degrees.

Often, nobody is at fault when a dog bite occurs. Sometimes a dog bites because it gets scared or maybe the pet’s owner should not have reached for the food bowl. However, there are times when a dog’s owner should be held accountable for the damage their dog causes. Consider the following situations:

  • Despite municipal leash laws, a dog’s owner lets their pet roam freely during a walk or while at the park. If the dog causes someone harm while not on the leash, the owner is at fault.
  • If a dog owner knows their pet is aggressive and still lets it mingle with other animals and people, they are contributing to a potentially volatile situation.
  • Dogs should always be properly secured on their owner’s property. If they get out due to their owner’s carelessness, they can cause major injuries.

The Injuries

Dogs have powerful jaws that can inflict serious damage, especially in children and the elderly. Often, the soft tissue damage is so severe that a person must undergo surgery to repair the damage. There are many cases each year when plastic surgery is necessary to restore a person’s functionality and appearance after an attack.

What We Can Do

We know a dog bite injury is not something you ever wanted to deal with, but if it happens to you or a loved one, you may need legal assistance. At SMT Legal, our qualified and experienced team will work to figure out who was at fault so we can help you secure the compensation you deserve. This can include coverage for your medical expenses as well as pain and suffering damages. Let us handle the insurance companies and other parties so you can focus on healing.

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