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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reports that large van accidents, along with light trucks and SUV accidents, have been increasing over the years. Pennsylvania roads regularly see over 60,000 of these accidents on an annual basis and the number of fatalities in large truck/van/SUV accidents is creeping up to around 500 per year. Butler County large van accident attorneys know that while many people ride in large vans and share the roads with them on a regular basis, many van passengers have no idea just how dangerous these vehicles can be.

Large van uses

People use large vans to transport groups of people and cargo both locally and for out of town trips. See below for ways in which large vans are commonly used.

  • Senior citizens are often transported in vans to run everyday errands or to go out for trips and activities.
  • Large vans are sometimes used as moving vans.
  • Church groups use vans for community service and mission trips.
  • College groups use vans to transport groups of students for community service trips, athletic events, and shuttle transport.
  • Daycares and summer camps use vans to transport children for field trips and activities.

Large van dangers

  • Rollover potential: These large vans are dangerous for several reasons, including the fact that their design is simply dangerous due to having a high profile and relatively narrow wheelbase. They have a high propensity to roll over when they are involved in accidents or they hit loose rocks and gravel or other dangerous road conditions, especially when traveling at high rates of speed.
  • Untrained and inexperienced drivers: Depending on the vehicle specifics, often large vans do not require any type of special licensing for drivers, which means that the driver may be inexperienced and completely untrained in handling a large van. Large vans do not operate like regular passenger vehicles and drivers really need to have some training and safety tips in order to operate these vans safely.
  • Loose and unbalanced cargo: Because large vans are often used by groups that are traveling or used as moving vans, they often contain large cargo loads. When cargo is not properly loaded and secured in a van, it can contribute to accidents by causing vans to become unbalanced and unstable. Loose cargo can cause serious injuries when thrown around the vehicle in the event of a hard stop or car accident.
  • Difficulty with maneuvering: Large vans are also difficult to maneuver, especially in emergency situations. Not only do they take longer to stop than regular passenger vehicles, but they also do not handle the road as well when taking evasive actions to avoid dangers and accidents.
  • Tire problems: Tire problems, including blown tires, are not uncommon in large vans, especially when the tires are not well maintained or the driver is not familiar with the appropriate air pressure for large van tires.
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