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Butler County electric car accident attorneys understand the appeal and benefits to owning an electric automobile including that they are better for the environment and that electric vehicle drivers do not have to worry about the ever increasing gasoline prices. On the other hand, they also know that there are some downsides to electric cars that can lead to accidents and injuries. Electric cars are certainly increasing in popularity, but they are different from gasoline fueled vehicles and if you have been involved in an electric car accident, you should only trust your claim to an attorney who is experienced in electric car accident cases.

Dangers of electric cars

Some dangers that are unique to electric cars are listed below:

  • Electric cars are very quiet and many drivers of electric vehicles love that, but quiet cars do not serve as an alert to pedestrians, bicyclists, and those who are visually impaired of the presence of an automobile. The visually impaired often rely on their sense of hearing in order to make sure that they are out of harm’s way, especially when negligent drivers may not be aware of pedestrians’ When it comes to children, sometimes the sound of an automobile reminds them to pay attention and be careful before crossing the street or riding their bicycles in the street.
  • Most electric cars can only drive around 100 miles before needing a charge. Lack of charging stations, especially in unfamiliar territory such as when on a road trip, can make them more likely to be forced to stop, creating a road hazard.
  • Lithium-Ion batteries may catch fire and explode just like they do with other devices, including cell phones and laptops. This can happen in automobile accidents, but it can also happen when batteries are overheated and overcharged. These batteries are also known to catch fire repeatedly, even after being put out. They also have been known to catch fire hours after an accident has occurred.
  • Electric shock is also a potential danger after an accident and it may happen to motor vehicle occupants, good samaritans, first responders, or anyone else who comes into contact with an electric vehicle after an accident.

Electric car accident liability

Liability in electric car accidents is similar to liability in regular car accidents in Pennsylvania. When it comes to Pennsylvania’s no fault laws and full tort or limited tort insurance options, car accident recovery can be confusing and difficult, especially when injuries and damages are significant. In these cases, the at fault driver may be liable and the manufacturer or seller of the electric vehicle may be liable as well if vehicle defects caused the accident and/or injuries. Experienced car accident attorney‘s representation is important to make sure that injury victims receive the compensation that they deserve.

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