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Butler County Car Collision Attorney

In 2017, there were 128,188 reported car accidents in Pennsylvania and 1,871 of those occurred in Butler County. Of the Butler County accidents, more than 700 resulted in injuries and 17 of the accidents were fatal. Butler County car collision accident attorneys understand that when car accidents happen, injuries and damages can be serious and costly and recovering compensation for those injuries and damages can be difficult, especially when dealing with insurance companies.

No fault laws and insurance companies

In Pennsylvania, drivers have a choice when it comes to the type of insurance policy, full tort or limited tort, that they purchase. Pennsylvania’s no fault car accident laws can be confusing and the compensation an injury victim is entitled to collect may depend upon which type of insurance policy the injured person has. Unfortunately, insurance companies often make it difficult to recover the full amount to which you are entitled because they simply do not want to pay out that money and this is why it is important to have an experienced car accident lawyer working on your behalf.

Car collision accidents attorney

Insurance companies use any number of tactics to limit their payout amounts. Sometimes they will call an injured party to discuss the accident, hoping that he or she will say something that the insurance company can use to deny some or all coverage. Insurance companies may also want to discuss the injuries sustained in the accident and may argue against the extent and severity of injuries claimed. Insurance companies also will not tell injured claimants what damages they are entitled to recover because their goal is not to protect injured parties, but to limit the amount of the claims that they pay. For these reasons, it is critical to have an experienced car accident attorney representing your interests in car accident claims.

Investigating the collision

Attorneys for a collision injury victim will begin investigating the accident as soon as possible. Gathering evidence and supporting material is important for building and strengthening plaintiffs’ cases that will help to maximize plaintiffs’ compensation for injuries and damages. Depending on the accident facts, conducting a thorough investigation may include the following:

  • Hiring all necessary experts such as medical experts, accident reconstruction, and financial experts. Testimony from experts will help to prove fault and liability, the extent of injuries, and financial losses suffered due to lost wages and reduced earning capacity.
  • Speaking with witnesses and reviewing witness statements. Looking for witnesses who have not yet been interviewed and attempting to find footage of the accident which may have been captured on nearby surveillance cameras.
  • Documenting all expenses and financial losses related to the accident.
  • Helping to gather important medical records related to accident injuries.
  • Gathering evidence that supports anticipated future medical needs and expenses related to accident injuries.
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