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Injuries caused by every day consumer products can be unexpected and serious. These injuries can be so serious and affect so many people that we have consumer product associations at the federal and state level who work to keep consumers safe from dangerous products. Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Consumer Protection conducts consumer product investigations, advises the legislature on matters affecting consumer interest, and takes legal action when necessary in consumer protection manners. These protections are very helpful for Pennsylvania residents, but it is not enough to protect everyone from every defective product on the market and if you have been injured by a defective product, you deserve to be compensated for your resulting injuries and damages.

Types of defects

Manufacturers, distributors, and sellers all may be responsible for defective products. There are three commonly recognized types of consumer product defects. Design defects are when the product design is defective and an injury causing danger is created as a result. A manufacturing defect exists when there is an error in the manufacture of the product, which creates a dangerous, injury-causing defect. And a failure to warn defect occurs when the product does not contain literature that alerts consumers to dangers associated with the product.

Defective product categories

We see a vast variety of defective consumer products and most of them fall into one of the following common product liability categories:

  • Automobiles and automobile parts – It seems like there are always reports of automobile and automobile parts recalls in the news. Defective automobiles and parts are very common, but do not think that because your automobile or part was recalled that you have no recourse. Recalls are to protect consumers, but not meant to be used by responsible parties to escape liability.
  • Home appliances and furniture – We receive calls from clients injured by defective home appliances such as refrigerators, grills, and clothes dryers. Defective furniture often involves top-heavy furniture that falls causing serious or fatal injuries.
  • Tools and machinery – Tools and machinery like lawn mowers and chain saws are already dangerous if used improperly or without proper protections, but they can also contain defects that injure unsuspecting consumers.
  • Children’s toys – Children who suffer injuries due to dangerous toys or products are among our most vulnerable clients as they have little appreciation or understanding of dangers before it is too late and they have already sustained injuries.
  • Medical devices – Consumers often trust their doctors and the medical industry in general because medical professionals and products are intended to aid in their health. This is why people are often surprised by defective medical devices that cause injuries instead of making them better.
  • Consumer products – This is the catch-all category that the rest of our cases fall into. Things like exploding batteries and defective detergent pods fall in here.
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    If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, you do not have to face this matter alone. Our Beaver County product liability attorneys at SMT Legal understand that defective products can cause serious and devastating injuries and we want to see that you recover for the injuries and damages.

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