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Beaver County Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

Electric scooters are making their appearance in cities across the country, and although useful, they cause an uptick in electric scooter accidents wherever they go. Scooters operate at speeds up to 15 miles per hour and are accessible with a smartphone app that allows them to be unlocked. Once the rider is finished with the scooter, there is generally no drop-off location; the rider simply abandons it on the street in many cases where it is subsequently claimed by the next user. The biggest drawback to electric scooters is that they’re not very safe. Many people are injured on these types of rideshare scooters, both as riders and as pedestrians on the street. If you are among the injured, contact our Beaver County electric scooter accident attorney right away to discuss your case details.

Some instances of electric scooter accidents across the country include:

  • A woman being ejected from the scooter suddenly without warning, causing serious injuries
  • A male scooter rider hit by an SUV and drug for 20 yards, resulting in his death
  • A teen was thrown from a scooter and left in a vegetative state
  • A tourist drove a scooter into oncoming traffic and was hit head-on by a truck
  • A scooter rider clipped a metal drainpipe, breaking both arms when he was thrown over the scooter’s handlebars
  • A rider ran a traffic light and crashed into two people on foot, causing injuries to both

Emergency rooms across the country say that electric scooter accidents are becoming a real problem. Because the phenomenon of electric scooter use on this grand a scale is relatively new, statistics aren’t available for just how widespread the problem is. However, some safety experts estimate that the number of accidents could be as high as 1,000 per month. Cuts, scrapes, lacerations and abrasions are common, but broken bones, head injuries, orthopedic injuries, facial injuries and other more serious injuries are not unusual.

Companies generally rely on riders to read their user agreements and watch online training videos (although they don’t mandate that as a condition of use). This can lead to ill-informed riders who hit the streets having very little idea of how to operate a scooter, let alone operate a scooter in moving traffic or while navigating pedestrian foot traffic.

While simple human error and operator inexperience are often the culprits in many scooter accidents, that’s not always the case. Brakes fail and tires deflate. Scooters are not always maintained properly, and some may be inherently unsafe for the start. For example, one scooter company recalled a particular model of scooter because the vehicle’s handlebars kept detaching while in use, and some models broke in half while riders were on board.

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