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Beaver County Side Impact Accident Attorney

While we all know that getting into an accident is a possibility when we head out in our vehicles each day, we take the steps necessary to stay safe. Unfortunately, there are times when other people’s negligence causes us to harm on the roadways. One of the most dangerous accidents is a side impact accident.

Here at SMT Legal, we understand the dynamics that go into a car crash and we understand what needs to happen in the aftermath. When we take your case, we do so to ensure that you get the coverage you need for all of your accident-related expenses. When you need a Beaver County side impact accident attorney, we are standing by.

How Is This Different?

Vehicles are built to sustain crashes from the front and rear more so than they are from the side. Think about the protection offered from a front and rear crash – the engine compartment in the front and the trunk space in the back.

With a side impact, you only have the thin protection of doors and windows.

Side impact collisions often result in the following injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injuries – side impacts can cause us to hit our heads on the metal frames, windows, and even another vehicle that impacts us.
  • Spinal cord injuries – A severe jolt from the side and the continued momentum means that our spines twist and turn in ways that are not natural.
  • Broken bones – side impacts cause a higher rate of broken bones that front and rear impacts.
  • Internal injuries – our internal organs get thrown around during a vehicle accident and are more directly impacted by t-bone collisions.

The costs of dealing with these injuries can become tremendous, especially if long-term rehabilitation is necessary.

Please note: car seats are designed to sustain impacts from the front and back as well. Getting hit from the side typically causes children to sustain “head, chest, and extremity injury.”

Side impact collisions are much more likely to occur when a driver is distracted or impaired and goes through an intersection when they have a red light. When this kind of gross negligence occurs, the driver needs to be held accountable for their actions.

Do You Have A Plan?

We know this is an incredibly difficult time for you and your family and that your focus needs to be on healing and being with loved ones. At SMT Legal, we want to help make things a little easier on you. When you need a Beaver County side impact accident attorney, we will get to work on securing the compensation necessary to cover every expense you encounter in the aftermath of an accident. This can include:

  • All medical bills related to the accident (including long-term care)
  • Loss of income if you are unable to work
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Emotional damages
  • And more
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