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Beaver County Rollover Accident Attorney

It happens so fast that you may not even have known it until all the movement stopped. Rollover accidents are scary and can leave a person who has been in one seriously injured. The most important thing is to get medical attention, but if someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you need to secure legal assistance as soon as possible.

At SMT Legal, we are standing by to work with you. We want to make sure you get coverage for all of your accident-related expenses. When you need an experienced car accident lawyer, our team is standing by and ready to help.

The Reality

If we turn to the numbers from the latest reporting year for Pennsylvania, we see some startling statistics. Among the more than 128,000 reported vehicle accidents there were:

  • 3,083 passenger car rollovers
  • 3,548 light truck/van/SUV rollovers

When a rollover crash occurs, a person completely loses control of their vehicle. The force required for a rollover is often so great that a vehicle rolls multiple times before coming to a stop. While this is happening, the people inside the vehicle are experiencing an unbelievable amount of trauma to their bodies.

While it is always hoped that everyone is wearing their seatbelt, if they are not, a rollover crash becomes even more deadly.

It is not uncommon to see multiple trauma occur to a person in a rollover crash:

Often, victims in rollover crashes are not able to obtain immediate medical attention because they must first be extracted from their vehicles. This delay in treatment can cause injuries to become much worse.

Why They Happen

Rollover crashes often occur due to high-speed impacts. Many times, we find this occur on highways and involving drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol. We often see these incidents occurring more and more due to distracted drivers.

Rollovers can also occur due to improper lane changes at high speeds, t-bone impacts due to a driver running a red light, vehicles being forced off the road due to a reckless driver, and more.

Regardless of how they happen, if another driver is responsible, they should be held accountable for their actions.

How To Move Forward Now

The time to act is now. There is so much to handle in the aftermath of an accident with injuries that you may be overwhelmed. If someone else was at fault in your accident, you need to secure legal assistance. At SMT Legal, we will take your case and ease some of your burdens. We want to make sure you get compensation for the following:

  • Your accident-related medical bills
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Lost income if your injuries prevent you from working
  • Coverage for other hidden accident costs
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