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Beaver County White Collar Crimes Attorney

Beaver County white collar crimes attorneys know that being investigated or charged with white collar crimes is frightening and embarrassing. White collar crimes typically involve non-violent crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and insider trading or other illegal activity conducted for financial gain (or avoiding financial loss) as a motive. Sometimes white collar crime is committed unknowingly and sometimes it is simply a mistake or misunderstanding.

White collar crimes

Attorneys at SMT Legal handle all types of white collar crimes cases including the following:

  • Fraud such as fraud on banks, insurance, government, healthcare, securities, and bankruptcy
  • Embezzlement of money entrusted to a person who misappropriated it
  • Tax evasion is illegally avoiding the payment of taxes
  • Insider trading of stocks or securities
  • Identity theft
  • Forgery to deceive a person or institution for financial gain
  • Bribery involving transferring something of value such as gifts or money in exchange for action

Getting ahead of criminal charges

If you suspect you are being investigated for a crime or if you have recently learned of illegal activity in your workplace, contact a white collar crime attorney to discuss your options. Early intervention in white collar crimes cases, before charges are even filed can help to avoid charges, reduce charges, or otherwise help any potential case against you. Attorneys can conduct their own independent investigation to discover evidence that may be presented to the prosecutors to help the defendant. Agreements can often be reached without formal charges being filed, saving the defendant publicity and embarrassment while saving prosecutors the time and expense involved in bringing a case against the defendant.

Incentives such as immunity, lighter sentences and convictions, and lesser fines may be exchanged for a defendant’s help in a criminal investigation. Whether you knowingly committed crimes, knew of crimes being committed by others, or discovered that crimes were committed after the fact, consulting with an attorney to get ahead of any case or charges against you can be extremely beneficial.

White collar crimes defenses

Defenses that are commonly used in white collar crime cases are listed below.

  • Defendant’s illegal conduct was simply a mistake that benefitted him or her financially, but there was no intent to carry out illegal activities.
  • Defendant’s financial gain was not due to his or her own conduct.
  • Defendant was directed by someone else and did not know that he or she was doing anything illegal or criminal.
  • Defendant was under duress when he or she carried out the activity.
  • Defendant had no knowledge of a criminal activity that was orchestrated by another person.
  • The defendant had no financial gain or stake in what was happening.
  • The defendant did not initially know that his or her conduct was illegal and upon learning about it, he or she contacted an attorney to protect his or her rights and help to blow the whistle on bad actors.
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    Regardless of your knowledge or role in any white collar crimes that may have been committed and somehow involve you, it is critical to contact an attorney to assist you moving forward. Contact a Beaver County white collar crimes attorney at SMT Legal to schedule a consultation.

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