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Beaver County DUI charges/DUI arrests attorneys know that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has serious consequences in Beaver County and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The blood alcohol limit for drivers under 21 years old is .02% and .08% for drivers over 21. The severity of DUI consequences depends mainly on prior DUIs, level of blood alcohol content, and whether or not there was property damage or someone was injured or killed in an accident. When the driver is a minor, commercial vehicle driver, or school bus driver, the consequences may be more severe as well.

Consequences for a DUI conviction may include ordered treatment and safety school, fines, prison time, license suspension, and ignition interlock requirements. These consequences can affect your reputation, your job status, and transportation options.

DUI defense attorneys

DUI defense lawyers assist their clients in a number of ways when it comes to their DUI case including the following:

  • Fight to dismiss the DUI charges when police acted improperly or there is not sufficient evidence to convict the defendant.
  • Help defendants obtain an occupational limited license in some circumstances.
  • Help with ignition interlock device exemptions for financial hardship or employment exemptions.
  • Help for defendants who have been accused of ignition interlock violations.

DUI investigation

DUI attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation into the facts of the case, especially related to police conduct and evidence. Important facts and circumstances related to DUI defense cases include the following:

  • Did the police have a valid reason for pulling the defendant over? Police cannot just pull someone over without cause and if they do not have a cause, all evidence obtained after pulling the defendant over should be thrown out. Defense attorneys will request dashcam video and other evidence related to the reason the defendant was pulled over in the first place.
  • Field sobriety tests are very subjective and can hardly be relied upon without additional evidence to convict the defendant of a DUI. Defendants may argue that a medical condition or physical limitation prevented them from passing the test, that the test was unfairly difficult, or that he or she did not understand directions related to the test.
  • Defense attorneys will look into whether or not the blood test or breath test was credible and reliable. They will examine whether or not the test was properly administered, if the test analysis was proper, and if protocols were followed.
  • Were there any Miranda violations? Any admissions made by the defendant when his or her Miranda rights were violated should be thrown out.
  • If the DUI stop was at a police checkpoint, it is important to look into the checkpoint and whether or not it violated the defendant’s constitutional rights.
  • Other important facts a defense attorney will look into include whether or not the evidence against the defendant is sufficient for a conviction, or if there was an illegal police search that led to evidence against the defendant.
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