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Beaver County Drug Charges Attorney

Beaver County drug charges/drug crimes attorneys know that many defendants charged with drug crimes are actually innocent. Sometimes they are charged with a crime and they are unintentionally taking the fall for a person they happened to get mixed up with. Sometimes drug charges are much harsher than other charges that are actually appropriate in defendants’ cases. The good news is that in many of these cases, an expert drug charges attorney will be able to review your case including all evidence against you and argue for a lesser charge or a dismissal of your case altogether.

The Drug crimes attorneys at SMT Legal represent defendants with federal and state drug charges related to trafficking, possession, being under the influence, manufacturing, and distribution. Our attorneys are expert negotiators and they are committed to using all available resources and manpower to provide solid defenses for their clients. They will work with prosecutors to find a plea bargain that is acceptable to all parties or when necessary, they will defend your case and seek dismissal of your charges or a not guilty verdict at trial.

Conviction consequences

Drug convictions can ruin your life and your relationships with those that you love the most. When people are convicted of drug crimes, they sometimes lose their jobs and often find that they are eliminated from other prospective jobs due to their convictions on their record. They also may have trouble obtaining a bank loan or renting a home. Drug convictions may come with prison sentences, probation, and fines. Drug convictions may also put child custody in jeopardy.

Defenses to drug charges

What may seem like the worst case scenario in drug charges cases, sometimes ends up turning out much better than defendants can imagine, especially when they have good attorneys who are criminal procedure experts. When cops make mistakes, violate defendants’ rights, or do not have enough evidence for a conviction, a good attorney will spot those issues and use them to their clients’ advantage. Common defenses to drug charges are listed below.

  • No cause for stop
  • No cause for search
  • Lack of evidence
  • Evidence improperly obtained
  • Unlawful surveillance
  • No search warrant
  • A search warrant was obtained based on inaccurate representations or evidence
  • Miranda violations
  • Witness’s lack of truthfulness or improper motive in providing testimony against the defendant.

When evidence is obtained illegally, it is generally inadmissible and may result in some or all of the charges being dropped. For these reasons, it is important to speak with drug crimes and criminal procedure expert attorneys.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, contact a Beaver County drug charges/drug crimes attorney at SMT Legal. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your claims and review police reports, related court orders, and search warrants. They will look at the prosecutor’s evidence and police procedures exercised in obtaining that evidence. They will help you build a solid defense and will work to get the best outcome possible which may include getting your case dismissed, negotiating a plea agreement, or successfully defending your case at trial.

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