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About 25 percent of all car accidents in America are siding impact car accidents. A side impact car accident happens when one car moving forward or backward strikes the side of another moving vehicle. The consequences of side impact car accidents can be devastating; outside of head on collisions, side impact car accidents account for the most vehicle related deaths.

The combination of the regularity and severity of side impact car accidents make such accidents one of the larger problems occurring on American roadways. Side impact car accidents usually cause severe damage or injury to drivers or passengers being struck. This can make being involved in a side impact car accident particularly difficult for the struck party. If you or a loved one were injured or amassed damages as a result of a side impact car accident, it may be time to take legal action. You should consider a qualified car accident attorney to discuss the best way to move forward. SMT Legal have the experience and willingness to pursue claims aggressively that earns them the right to represent numerous clients across Western Pennsylvania.

Causes and Consequences of a Side Impact Car Accident

Many know side impact car accidents as a T-bone collision due to the shape cars make at the point of impact. While this point of impact makes for a convenient nickname, it can result in devastating injuries for the car being struck. This can be attributed to the lacking protection the side of a car offers: only a door panel separates most victims from the point of impact. Although some vehicles are equipped with side airbags, such technology is far from standard in the automotive industry.

Severe injuries can occur as a result of side impact car accidents. As previously mentioned, injuries are more likely to be accrued by the truck driver. Common severe injuries resulting from side impact car accidents include head injuries such as concussions, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injury. Injuries to the neck and spine occur often, with paralysis being the most extreme outcome.

Side impact car accidents occur most frequently at intersections. Aside from the obvious opportunities intersections provide for T-bone collisions, they are a place where neglectful driving behaviors arise, especially device-related distracted driving. Over the past few years, checking phones at intersections or stopping points have become common place, which increases the likelihood of accidents. Other instances that can lead to side impact car accidents are when a car leaves a driveway or parking lot.

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    If you recently experienced a side impact car accident, you may be suffering from serious injuries and lost income. Exploring your legal options may be the best way to reclaim the life you had before the accident. You should only consider an Allegheny County side impact car accident attorney with the experience and confidence to fight for your best interests. Attorneys at SMT Legal will approach your case with compassion and understanding. Contact SMT Legal today for a free consultation.

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