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School buses are a part of many people’s childhood. They are taught school bus safety: waiting for the bus at a proper distance, how to exit and enter the bus, etc. In adulthood, school bus safety may be even more important to you if your child rides a bus.

Generally, school buses are one of the safest methods of transporting your child to and from school. They are nearly 70 times more likely to get to school safely in a school bus as opposed to other forms of transportation. With that being said, bus accidents can be devastating when they do occur.

You are likely going through an extremely difficult time if your child was recently involved in a school bus accident. To see your child suffering injuries that were completely out of their control is something no parent should have to go through. Your emotional pain may be worsened if you know that your child is suffering due to somebody else’s negligence.

While this pain may be crippling, you should consider taking action and pursuing a claim. You should consult with an Allegheny County attorney experienced in school bus accidents. Attorneys at SMT Legal have the experience and compassion necessary to work with you every step of the way in such trying times.

Things You Need to Know About School Bus Accidents

School buses are generally safe for a few reasons. Due to their size, they are easy to spot on the roadway. While they are not immune to the types of negligence that normally causes accidents, the size alone decreases the likely hood of distracted or exhausted drivers from not noticing them.

Another thing that makes them safe is their weight and height. This size prevents school buses from rollover accidents most of the time. It also allows them to hit objects without losing all their momentum. Their size also prevents errant objects from sticking passengers, which is a frequent cause of car accidents.

Another aspect that adds to the safety of buses is the padding of the seats. While they may not have seatbelts, the seats are close enough together that passengers are mostly kept safe by the small space and heavy padding. School buses also travel at low speeds. For obvious reasons, this lessens the impacts from collisions.

While these aspects increase school bus safety during accidents, they do not prevent accidents from occurring. When school bus accidents do occur, they are usually caused by negligence. Negligent driving behaviors are a common cause. Companies that own buses can also neglect maintenance and upkeep. This can lead to failing tires and braking issues.

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    If your child was recently injured in a bus accident, you may be considering a bus accident claim. Bus accidents can be difficult to navigate. You should only trust an Allegheny County attorney with the experience and aggressiveness necessary to collect compensation on your behalf. Additionally, your attorney should have the empathy to handle your claim with care and understanding. For a free consultation, contact  SMT Legal today.

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