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Many stories have been told to young drivers about the first time “fender-benders.” So much so that rear end car accidents are almost treated as a rite of passage by some. Rear-end accidents can be relatively inconsequential as far as car accidents are concerned. With that being said, some rear end car accidents can have serious consequences such as severe injury and substantial damage.

In such cases, rear end car accidents should be handled in a serious manner. It would be wise to contact an experienced car accident attorney with experience in dealing with rear end accidents. Attorneys at SMT Legal have the necessary experience dealing with rear end accidents to approach your case with confidence and aggression should you decide to pursue compensation for damages. Rear end accidents can put a serious strain on your life, do not let complacency prevent you from getting the support you need.

The Truth about Rear End Accidents

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding rear end accidents. The first misinformed belief is that rear end accidents are not serious. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, over 80 people lost their lives to rear end accidents in 2017. Additionally, aside from hitting a fixed object, rear end accidents are the most prevalent form of accident in Pennsylvania. With such prevalence and a chance of fatality, however small that may be, rear end accidents should be treated seriously.

Another common misconception surrounding rear end accidents is that the following driver is always at fault. However, this is not always the case. Out of the nearly 30,000 rear end accidents, less than 7,000 were caused by negligent tailgating by the following driver. Although Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, insurance companies do not always cover the full extent of your costs and damages.

In cases where your insurance company does not cover the extent of damage costs, you can pursue the at fault party for damages. While it may be more difficult to prove, the leading driver of a rear end accident can sometimes be at fault. Leading drivers can be at fault if they make a sudden stop, have faulty brake lights, entered the roadway in a negligent manner, or experienced a part malfunction.

After experiencing a rear end accident, you should seek medical attention. Whiplash is a common injury in rear end car accidents, but more serious injuries to the head and neck can also arise. Due to possible masking from shock or adrenaline, you should not write any injury off. It could develop in severity as time goes on.

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    When your injuries have been addressed, it may be time to think about pursuing compensation for damages. If your damages exceed that of which your insurance is willing to cover, you should contact an Allegheny County rear-end accident attorney well-versed in rear end accidents. Proving fault in a rear end accident can be difficult and it takes an attorney with the confidence needed to aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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