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Allegheny County Large Van Accident Attorney

Coordinating and transporting large groups of people without a commercial vehicle can be extremely difficult. For many, even if they had access to one, driving a commercial vehicle would be out due to the licensing issue. For that reason large vans are the ideal answer because they are relatively affordable and most large vans with 15 the passengers or under capacity do not require a commercial license. With that being said, large vans can be dangerous and hard to maneuver.

A large van accident can occur frequently. They have the potential to cause severe injuries to multiple people. If you were recently involved in a large van accident, you should consider consulting with an experienced Allegheny County attorney. SMT Legal approach each claim with the dedication, knowledge, and confidence necessary to develop a strong case on your behalf.

Staying Safe in Large Vans

Most commercial vehicles require a commercial driver’s license in order to operate. However, this is not the case for large vans with the capacity for 15 or fewer passengers. Although this allows for more people to drive them, it also increases the possibility that drivers will lack the necessary experience to drive large vans. While nothing can prevent large van accidents absolutely, practicing safe driving behaviors can lessen the risk of an accident.

If possible, the driver of a large van should be someone with experience driving large vehicles in the past. This can go a long way in preventing accidents since the driver will be more familiar with the difference in turning, accelerating, and stopping in a large van. If an experienced driver is not available, it may be wise to explore other transportation options. Sometimes, convince is not worth the safety risk.

Another key to staying safe in large vans is ensuring that the tires are in good working condition. Some large van owners can neglect tire maintenance. Large vans depend heavily on well-maintained tires because of the odd weight distribution of the vehicle. Before driving a large van, you should always check the tire pressure and tire tread. Failing to do so could result in an accident.

One safety advantage most large vans do have over larger transportation vehicles such as buses is seatbelts. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the perceived similarity to a bus, many do not feel it is necessary to wear a seatbelt on a large van. This could not be further from the truth as large vans are susceptible to roll-over accidents.

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While the aforementioned safety tips can decrease the chances of an accident, some accidents are unavoidable. If you or a loved one were recently injured in a large van accident, someone else’s negligence could have been the cause. You could have been a passenger or in another vehicle at the time of the accident. Even if you were driving, negligent owners could have been at fault for a tire malfunction. Whatever the case, you should be considering legal representation. Contact SMT Legal today for a free consultation.

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