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Allegheny County Electric Car Accident Attorney

With the environment at the forefront of national discussion, electric cars have grew rapidly in popularity. Electric cars are good for the environment, produce far less emissions than internal combustion engine cars, and are much more fuel efficient. As electric cars become more affordable, it seems that electric cars are the transportation of the future. However. Electric cars are not without their own problems.

As electric cars have become more popular, it has become apparent that they cause pedestrian accidents at an alarmingly high rate. Although there are various things that could be contributing to the disproportionate rates, many point to the lack of noise output in electric cars. Regardless, electric car accidents can result in serious injuries, costly medical bills, and an inability to work. If you or a loved one were recently involved in an electric car accident, you should consider consulting with an Allegheny County car accident attorney. Stewart, Murray, and Associates (SMA) Law Group attorneys have the experience, empathy, and aggression necessary to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Electric Cars: The Silent Pedestrian Problem

Electric vehicles are inarguably good for the environment, but they are seemingly putting pedestrians at an increased risk of danger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA)  conducted studies that found that electric vehicles have a 20 percent higher chance to cause accidents than internal combustion engine cars. Cyclists are at particular risk for an accident. On average, electric vehicles are causing 50 percent more accidents with cyclists than internal combustion engine cars.

While every accident is unique, the NHTSA identified a few probable causes. Electric vehicles have a much lower sound output than internal combustion engine cars. This makes them harder to detect for pedestrians, especially in environments with high noise outputs. Electric vehicles also emit very low sound pressure, making them increasingly dangerous to blind pedestrians. Other identified causes include the driving behavior of electric car owners, how old the electric vehicle is, and the amount of electric power the car depends on.

In addition to pedestrian accidents, electric cars can be involved in other forms of accidents such as vehicle collisions. Negligent driving behaviors such as driving while distracted by a device, driving while intoxicated, exhausted driving, and failing to follow traffic laws increase the likelihood of accidents occurring. Electric car accidents can result in a variety of injuries ranging in severity. You should always seek medical attention after an electric car accident. Even if your injuries seem minor, they could increase in severity, especially if they are internal injuries.

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After seeking medical attention, you should consider pursuing a claim. It is important to seek out an Allegheny County electric car attorney that can confidently pursue compensation on your behalf. Attorneys at the SMA Law Group have been successfully representing clients in Western Pennsylvania for years. The combination of experience, success, and aggression allows them to provide sound counsel and effective representation. For a free case evaluation, contact SMA Law Group today. Do not suffer from somebody else’s negligence any longer.

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