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Car crashes are an unfortunate part of life that everybody tries to avoid; yet, they happen every day in Pennsylvania and nationwide. Car crashes have a range of severity and consequences, but no car accident is complete without costs and damages. Accidents happen and some are unavoidable, but many car crashes occur due to negligent driving or maintenance.

The aftermath of a car accident can leave you or your loved one struggling with injuries, and financial hardships. To alleviate your suffering, you may be considering a car accident attorney. SMT Legal attorneys are experienced in defending clients with confidence and pursuing compensation

Five Forms of Car Crashes

With so many car crashes occurring every day, similar forms of accidents start to arise. Each form varies in cause and severity, but almost all forms of car accidents can be attributed to the negligence of some sort.

  1. The first common form of car crashes is a single car accident: Single car accidents only involve one vehicle, but other neglectful parties can still be at fault. For example, poorly maintained roadways can cause vehicles to slide or rollover, leading to serious accidents.
  2. Car collisions are another common form of car crashes: Car collisions can range from head-on collisions to side impact collisions to read end collisions. Collisions account for the most car crashes in America and can be fatal in extreme cases.
  3. Electric car accidents have become prevalent in recent years as their popularity has risen: They account for a disproportionate amount of pedestrian accidents, likely due to their low sound outputs.
  4. One of the more devastating forms of car crashes is roll-over accidents: Roll-overs have a high fatality rate and can be caused by defect tires, worsened by defect seatbelts and roof structures.
  5. Rideshare accidents are a recent form of car crashes, but they are becoming more and more common: Rideshares like Lyft and Uber are employing inexperienced drivers to take passengers from place to place. This has led to various instances of accidents caused by neglectful driving.

All of the mentioned car accident forms differ in type and severity. With that being said, there is one commonality they all share: negligence. Whether it is negligent driving or poor maintenance practices, negligent behaviors are a regular cause for car crashes. The results of negligent driving can lead to serious injuries or damages. Even if you believe the injuries you obtained in a car crash were minor, you should always seek medical attention. Sometimes, injuries can seem minor initially but worsen as time goes on.

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    After seeking medical attention, you may be considering filing a claim. While the damages you suffered as a result of someone’s negligence should be compensated, you should only trust your case with experienced attorneys. Attorneys at SMT Legal have the necessary experience to pursue your case with the confidence and aggressiveness it takes to obtain compensation on your behalf. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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