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Being involved in a car accident can be difficult no matter how small damages may be. With that being said, some car accidents are harder to deal with than others. This is especially true for car accidents involving collisions. Car collision accidents can change your life for years to come with financial hardship and lingering injuries. Unfortunately, car collisions are a common occurrence in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Car collisions often occur in one of three ways: head-on collisions, side impact collisions, and rear end collisions. While collisions can be accidental, many could have been avoided if negligent driving behaviors were not involved. If you or a loved one has been recently injured or suffered damages as a result car collision accident, you may consider legal action. Car collision claims can be difficult to navigate and you should not do so without an experienced attorney. SMT Legal has built a reputation in Allegheny County and across Western Pennsylvania for their experienced, aggressive approach to representing their clients.

Top Three Forms of Car Collisions

The top three forms of car collisions are rear end collisions, head on collisions, and side impact collisions. Despite being the three most common forms, car collisions can happen in numerous ways. Each of the top three forms can have a range of causes and severity of injuries and damages.

Rear end car collision accidents are the most common form of car accidents in America. Chances are either you or someone you know has been involved in a fender bender at some point. While rear end car collisions are normally the least severe and damaging form of car collisions, they can still be exceptionally dangerous, especially if the trailing car made an impact at a high rate of speed. Another common misconception is that rear end car collisions are always the fault of the following driver. In some cases, the leading driver can be at fault.

Another of the most common form of a car collision is the side impact collision. Side impact collisions occur when a car strikes the side of another car. Side impact car collision accidents are the second most deadly form of collision accidents in America: around 10,000 lose their lives annually to side impact collisions. Side impact collisions are more dangerous for the passenger or driver of the struck car because of the lack of protection most side panels offer.

The final, and most deadly common form of a car collision is the head on collision. As the name suggests, head on collisions involves two vehicles that hit each other front to front. Head on collisions can be caused by negligent driving or dangerous road conditions. The high likelihood for severe injury in the head on collisions is due to the high speeds most vehicles are traveling when the point of impact occurs.

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    Car collision accidents are usually serious matter that have lasting negative effects on your life. You should consider an experienced car accident attorney to represent you in the trying times ahead. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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