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Personal injury accidents are often sudden and can change your life in an instant. Your story changes from routine and ordinary to one filled with emotional distress, physical pain, and financial hardship. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been prevented if the negligent party had just taken different actions.

If you don’t know where to turn after a slip and fall, car accident, or medication mishap, you’re not alone. Luckily, the court system allows victims to pursue compensation for medical costs, as well as justice for the inconvenience and harm they’ve suffered. In these instances, the best course of action is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf and hold the responsible party accountable for your catastrophic losses.

When You Need a Lawyer’s Help

Personal injury law is one of the broadest and most factually diverse types of practices in existence. There are so many situations that give rise to severe injuries, brain injuries, amputations, and death, but some scenarios happen with greater frequency. These include:

Because of the vast differences in causation and resulting injuries, it’s imperative that personal injury lawyers have a full understanding of what evidence is essential to establishing liability for each type of incident. The effect of these events on a family can be devastating in terms of monetary stress, emotional strain, and physical discomfort. An Allegheny County personal injury attorney can help you secure payment for:

  • Applicable funeral costs
  • Home accessibility modification expenses
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs
  • Emotional suffering and physical pain
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of financial resources for dependent family members
  • Loss of marital and familial relationships
  • Lost wages and earning power
  • Past, future, and current medical expenses

How an Attorney Can Help

Every personal injury case has different facts and considerations. It takes an experienced attorney to formulate a plan for your unique situation. There are specific steps that must be taken to improve your chances for a positive outcome and a maximum cash award.

First, a lawyer will review your case and assemble necessary documentation including medical papers, police and witness reports, as well as other pertinent information needed to support your position. At this point, your attorney may start negotiations with the defendants and their insurance companies in the hopes of settling out of court. If that fails, we can start litigation.

It’s important to choose a law team that has experience in the courtroom. The personal injury team at SMT Legal is ready to proceed through to trial and fight for the compensation you deserve. We make sure you have access to a network of economic loss consultants, medical experts, case investigators, and other experts necessary to win your case and assert your rights in court.

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