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Allegheny County Underage Drinking Attorney

After going off to college, it may seem routine to have a few drinks with friends over the weekend. Truth be told, most adults had a drink or two before they were of age and do not think of it as a major mistake. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania state law is not congruent with such thoughts. receiving an underage drinking charge can come with serious consequences.

Being caught drinking underage can come with serious repercussions ranging from costly fines, license suspension, and a criminal record. Underage drinking penalties are severely increased if you were charged with an underage DUI. If you or your child were received an underage drinking charge, you should contact an underage drinking attorney as soon as possible. The experienced attorneys at SMT Legal have dealt with many different underage drinking charges and can aggressively defend your case in the courtroom. Underage drinking charges can have serious repercussions on your future and should not be dealt with alone.

What Constitutes Underage Drinking in Pennsylvania

There are many situations that can lead to an underage drinking charge in Pennsylvania. You may be charged with underage drinking if you attempt to or successfully purchase alcohol. You may also be charged if you consume or transport alcohol.

There are various consequences you may face if you receive an underage drinking charge. You can expect your parents to be notified immediately. You can also expect a future court date, which may result in fines ranging from $500 to $1,000, a criminal record, and a suspended license ranging from three months to two years. In some cases, you could even face imprisonment.

Aside from the criminal consequences, the underage drinking charge may have permanent negative consequences in your academic and professional aspirations. Employers may be less likely to higher you if you have a criminal record. A criminal record can also decrease the chances of receiving a loan or being admitted to graduate school.

Underage DUI

If you receive an underage DUI charge, you will be facing much more severe consequences. You are more likely to receive imprisonment. Your fines will undoubtedly increase and you could receive maximum fines of up to $5,000. Your car insurance rate will increase drastically after receiving a DUI charge. You may also have to participate in court-ordered treatment programs and highway safety schooling. Additionally, penalties greatly increase with each additionally DUI charge.

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    Receiving an underage drinking charge of any form is a serious situation. You risk receiving thousands in fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment. Having an underage drinking charge on your record also gives others a competitive advantage over you in the job market. Additionally, it will be harder to pursue higher education with a criminal record. With so much at stake, it is of the utmost importance that you contact an Allegheny County underage drinking attorney immediately. Attorneys at SMT Legal have the experience necessary to stand up for your right in the courtroom. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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