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Allegheny County Sex Crime Attorney

In today’s climate, being accused of a sex crime can have immediate negative effects on your life. The accusation alone can carry serious repercussions for your personal or professional life and destroy your reputation. Aside from the constant stressors of the accusation, a sex crime charge can result in substantial jail time, a lifetime of humiliations and difficulties associated with being registered sex offenders. Simply put, a sex crime can ruin your life.

If you or a loved one were recently accused of a sex crime, the humiliation and abandonment can leave you feeling like there is nobody to turn to. However, you do have options to fight the charges and attempt to clear your name. You should contact an Allegheny County sex crime attorney. Since this is such a personal matter, you should seek out an attorney who is not only experienced and confident in the courtroom, but compassionate and willing to understand your situation. Attorneys at SMT Legal approach every case without assumptions and with one goal in mind: to do everything possible to get your charges reduced or dropped completely.

Pennsylvania Sex Crimes

No matter the type or severity, sex crime charges should be treated with severity. The following are possible sex crime charges you may be facing in Pennsylvania:

  • Sexting
  • Online solicitation
  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure
  • Statuary rape
  • Child pornography
  • Indecent assault
  • Statuary rape
  • Spousal rape
  • Spousal sexual assault
  • Molestation of a minor
  • Failed Sex Offender Registry

With such a vast array of possible charges, it is of the utmost importance that your work with an experienced attorney familiar with all aspects of sex crime laws. Consequences are severe if you are charged with a sex crime. Lesser charges, such as indecent assault charges, can range from first to second degree misdemeanors. Such charges can result in prison sentences lasting up to five years. More serious charges, such as sexual assault, are charged as second degree felonies and can include over $20,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison. It is also mandatory to register as a sex offender. Failing to do so can result in separate felony charges.

In Pennsylvania, the prosecution most prove the charges beyond responsible doubt. There are multiple defenses that can be mounted against sex crime charges. Some common defenses include insanity pleas, the defendant was intoxicated involuntarily, the defendant’s identity was mistaken, and the defendant was given consent. Depending on the charge, a defense can be focused around the age of the accuser.

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    Dealing with the aftermath of a sex crime accusation can be extremely difficult. Family and friends may abandon you. You may lose your job. Your reputation in your community may be permanently damaged. If you or a loved one were recently charged with a sex crime, you should contact an Allegheny County sex crime attorney immediately. SMT Legal attorneys will approach you case with a compassionately and aggressively. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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