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Allegheny County Probation Violation Attorney

As prison populations increase, more and more non-violent crimes are resulting in probation instead of imprisonment. For many, this can be preferable to facing jail time initially. However, due to the strict regulations of probation terms, violating probation can often result in incarceration and prolonged struggles with the legal system. This can lead to multiple jail terms and span years longer than your initial sentencing.

If you were recently accused of a probation violation, you should consult with a probation violation lawyer immediately. Failing to do so may result in extended legal troubles. An experienced attorney can accompany you to your probation hearing and increase your chances of avoiding further consequences. Attorneys at SMT Legal have years of experience navigating the Pennsylvania legal system and can help you fight against increased penalties after a probation violation.

Probation Violations in Pennsylvania

While on probation in Pennsylvania, you must live your life under strict supervision. Probation terms can be harsh and unforgiving and any slip up can result in extended penalties. There are a number of things that can be considered a violation of probation terms in Pennsylvania.

While under probation, you may be required to appear in court on various occasions. Failing to attend a court appearance is a common probation violation that can lead to extended penalties. During your probation period, you will most likely be assigned a probation officer whom you will meet regularly. Failing to attend probation officer meetings can result in a probation violation.

Probation is commonly accompanied by costly fines. You can violate your probation by failing to pay said fines. Another reality of probation is regular drug testing and failing drug tests are one of the most common ways a probation violation can result in imprisonment. Other violations include criminal activity or leaving Pennsylvania without permission.

Probation violations can result in a number of consequences. The severity of your violation is usually taken into account and minor violations may result in little more than an official warning. With that being said, even minor violations can often result in an extended period of probation. In some cases, a probation violation may result in house arrest or restriction of contact with people outside your immediate family. In more severe violations, you may be sent to jail or your probation may be revoked. Having your probation revoked not only invalidates the time you spent on probation, but it can also result in new criminal charges.

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    Probation violations can result in severe consequences and should be treated with appropriate seriousness. Putting yourself at the mercy of the Pennsylvania legal system may result in consequences that creating a feeling of being trapped under supervision and a lack of freedom for years. If you were recently notified of a potential probation violation, you should contact an Allegheny County probation violation attorney. An experienced attorney can utilize their knowledge of Pennsylvania law to defend your rights and prevent your violation from turning into extended punishment. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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