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Allegheny County Fraud Attorney

In Pennsylvania, fraud is a serious charge that can derail your professional prospects and leave you facing serious criminal charges. Fraud and embezzlement charges can result in a range of consequences from misdemeanors of the third degree to first degree felonies. The professional and financial impact can be just as devastating. You could potentially lose your job, or lose your professional certification to work in your industry. You could also have your funds or property taken by law enforcement. Fraud charges should be taken very seriously.

If you have recently received fraud or embezzlement charges in Pennsylvania, you should contact a fraud charge attorney. An experienced attorney can work with you and increase your chances of reducing or eliminating charges against you. Attorneys at SMT Legal have experience dealing with various forms of fraud charges. By approaching your case with compassion and understanding, SMT attorneys will listen to your side of the story in a way to building a strong defense. SMT Legal attorneys will couple this compassion with the aggressive courtroom approach necessary to improve your future outlook.

Common Pennsylvania Fraud Charges

There are multiple potential fraud charges you can face in Pennsylvania. Fraud can occur with insurance, food stamps, identity, and home improvement. Each can have a range of causes and consequences.

If you deceive or mislead a homeowner into unneeded home improvement, you can be charged with homeowner fraud. For example, if you enter a home improvement agreement and proceed to further damage the home with the intent of receiving more money to fix said damages, you could face fraud charges.

Food stamp fraud charges can occur if you misrepresent your financial situation in order to receive unwarranted Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. For example, you could report your income to be lesser than what it is in order to receive more SNAP benefits. You could also report your family to be larger than it is. Food stamp fraud charges can result in penalties as severe as a felony of the first degree.

Identity fraud charges can occur from using the identity of somebody else for financial gain or criminal activity. For example, using social security numbers or ATM card pins for personal financial benefit. penalties for doing so can range from a grade misdemeanor to a felony charge.

Insurance fraud can be charged for a number of different reasons. You can be charged with insurance fraud if you attempt to deceive a government agency regarding automotive insurance, use somebody else’s medical insurance, or benefit from the financial gain of somebody else committing insurance fraud. penalties from insurance fraud could potentially result in felony charges and multiple years of imprisonment.

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    Whatever the cause, being charged with fraud or embezzlement should be treated seriously. You should contact an experienced Allegheny County fraud charge attorney. Attorneys at SMT Legal have experienced dealing with a variety of different fraud charges. For a free consultation, contact SMT Legal today.

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