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Allegheny County Assault Charges Attorney

Adult life can complex and stressful: things are sometimes said and done that fill you with regret. Unfortunately, it can be loved ones that endure the burden of these regrettable actions. When emotions are dominating thoughts and actions, people can end up being hurt both emotionally and physically. Sometimes, this can lead to legal action, and assault charges.

Being accused of assault is a very serious situation. Whether you are accused of simple assault, aggravated assault, or domestic violence, the outcome could leave levy serious consequences on your future. You should contact an experienced assault charges lawyer to discuss your options. Attorneys at SMT Legal will approach your case with compassion and without judgment. Whatever the details, we will work with you to gather your side of the story and decide what the best way to proceed is.

Different Forms of Assault in Pennsylvania

There are many forms of assault charges in Pennsylvania. The three most common forms are simple assault, aggravated assault, and domestic violence charges. Each requires its own unique elements to be present and each has a range of potential consequences.

Simple assault charges have the widest range of potential charges. In order to be charged with simple assault, one of four basic elements must be in play. You must be found to have tried or recklessly, knowingly, attempted to cause harm to a person. You could also be charged with simple assault if negligence with a deadly weapon, regardless of intent, leads to another person’s injuries.

Even if harm wasn’t caused, you can be charged with simple assault if it is found that your physical intent but another person in fear of serious harm. If you are in possession of a hypodermic needle at a time of arrest or medical evaluation that leads to the needle penetrating another person, you could potentially be charged with simple assault.

Aggravated assault is a more serious charge and can lead to felony charges of the first or second degree. While a variety of circumstances can lead to aggravated assault charges, the use of a deadly weapon to intentionally cause harm is the most common. Other examples of aggravated assault charges include injuring employees of educational facilities, such as teachers or administrative members. Aggravated assault charges can result in imprisonment for up to 10 years.

Domestic violence charges are another common form of assault charges that arises from committing violent or criminally sexual acts to someone you are close with. Domestic violence can be committed against any family or intimate household members, sexual partners, or partners that you share a child with.

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    Assault charges are serious legal matters that can negativity affect the rest of your life. Aside from the criminal charges, which can range from misdemeanors of the third degree to first-degree felonies, gaining employment or admission to higher education can be increasingly difficult if you have assault charges on your record. If you are facing assault charges, you should contact an Allegheny County assault charge attorney immediately. For a free consultation, Contact SMT Legal today.

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